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Trading Platforms

Ninjatrader, Rithmic

Multiple Accounts

Max 11 Accounts

Drawdown Type

Trailing Threshold & Daily Loss Limit

Reset Fee



1 Step

Max Account Size


Payout Schedule

2 Payouts Per Month

Minimum Trading Days

10 Days to Pass a Challenge

Overnight Trading

Other Features

Trade your own plan from day one
Get your first $10,000 without commissions
Earn up to 90% of your profits
Use the trading terminal for free

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We are a unique platform not only for beginner traders who will be able to learn the foundation of trading, but also for professional traders who will be able to improve their results, as well as get exclusive access to the global financial markets without risking their own capital.
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What is a "prop firm" / "funding company"?

A prop firm is a proprietary firm that provides funding to profitable traders. The prop firm makes a percentage of the profits made by the traders while the traders receive most of the profits and are happy because they’re not risking their own money.

Why should I get funded?

Getting funded has numerous benefits, including the ability to secure funding for your trading carrier without risking your own money. Instead, you can use a funding company’s money for a fee that’s usually 10%-20% taken from our profits.

How do I get funded?

To get funded you have to pass a so-called “challenge” that will prove the funding firm that you are profitable. During this challenge you will trade with demo money on an account tracked by the funding company. Depending on the amount of funding you want to receive you will have to follow specific rules such as reaching a specific profit target, not losing more than a specific amount of money and trading for a specific amount of days to prove consistency.

What does the "Minimum Trading Days" mean?

The “Minimum Trading Days” specify the amount days you have to trade in order to pass a challenge account. While you have a minimum amount of days, most prop firms have no maximum amount of days to pass a challenge so you have the freedom of trading for as long as you need to reach your profit target.

What is the monthly fee?

The monthly fee is the amount of money you have to pay every month until you pass a challenge account. If a prop firm’s “Minimum Trading Days” is less than a month, then you can pass a challenge account within one month so you will only have to pay for the 1st month of the challenge.

What is a reset fee?

Most funding firms allow their traders to pay a fee when they fail a challenge account to reset the account and start over. The reset fee is usually cheaper than any of the monthly challenge account fees which means you won’t have to purchase a challenge account again when you fail.

What is the "Profit Split"?

The profit split represents how much money you are getting from your profits. If the profit split is 90% it means that you’ll get 90% of the money you made and the other 10% is retained by the funding company.

Daily Loss Limit vs. Trailing Threshold

There are two types of drawdown that funding firms usually use.

The first type is the “Daily Loss Limit” which, defined by its name, means that you are not allowed to lose more than a specific amount of money in a single trading day. Funding firms that use a “Daily Loss Limit” usually have a “Max Loss Limit” as well which doesn’t allow you, the trader, to lose more than a specific amount of money during the entire challenge.

The second type is the “Trailing Threshold” which trails your loss limit as you make more money. For example, if you are just starting a $50,000 challenge account with a “Trailing Threshold” of $2,500 that means your balance is not allowed to go under $47,500 (minimum account balance). If you got into a trade and at any point during that trade you peaked $500 in profit (even if you only made $300 when you closed the trade because you held it open for too long) your minimum account balance will become $48,000. This type of drawdown restriction discourages traders to hold profitable trading positions for too long, so they won’t fear about giving their money back to the market.

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